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Granting Certification

EHSU shall grant certification to their clients if the client’s management system satisfies EHSU certification requirements and relevant Accreditation Requirements (eg: SAC) upon recommendation by Lead Auditor/s.

Refusing Certification

Prior initiating the EHSU certification process, EHSU shall refuse certification if the organization is not a legal entity.

EHSU at their sole discretion may refuse certification to their clients, if the client does not meet the above requirements (Granting Certification). The Director or the Certification Manager may also refuse certification if there is no confidence in demonstration on implementation or maintaining of clients Management Systems by clients or on a case-by-case-basis.

Maintaining and Renewal of Certification

EHSU at their sole discretion may maintain and renew clients’ certification if the client continues to satisfy the above requirements (Granting Certification), at various stages of certifications.

Suspension, Withdrawal and Restoration of Certification

EHSU at their sole discretion may suspend client certification if they do not meet related EHSU and Accreditation Requirements. The period of suspension shall not exceed 6 months period. If the ‘situation’ has not been resolved within this time due to reasons provided by the client, then the certification will be withdrawn, and re-certification is required for the reinstatement of the certification.

Upon suspension the client shall refrain from using all relevant Certification and Accreditations Marks and wordings that may mislead the public on its certification status.

Upon withdrawal, besides the above requirements, client will need to return all the relevant schemes certificates.

The Certification Manager, or authorized individual shall review applicable corrective actions and other actions taken that complies to EHSU and Accreditation Requirements, decision to restore client status shall be considered and restored appropriately.

Expanding or Reducing Scope of Certification

EHSU shall grant expansion or reduction of certification if client satisfies the EHSU and relevant Accreditation Requirements and after verification of relevant objectives evidences by Lead Auditor during on-site audit, upon recommendation by Lead Auditor.


EHSU view all complaints as very important and assure confidentiality of client is safeguarded. All complaints shall be reviewed by Quality Manager / Director. The Quality Manager with the assistant of assigned staff, shall conduct investigation into the circumstances of the complaint including communicating with the complainant. Appropriate Corrective Actions shall be taken and client will be updated accordingly.


Client who wish to appeal shall need to contact Quality Manager, who will liaise with client. The appeal form will be provided to the client and the completed form shall be return to Head of Certification. Based on case-by-case basis, Certification Manager, shall forward the appeal request to the committee. The committee shall advise Quality Manager of the decision, who will inform the client accordingly. Quality Manager and / or Assigned personnel shall initiate / liaise with client on appropriate actions.